Being Chingle

My day started out quite the same. I mean, like how it should be. I slept pretty late working on some side jobs and I woke up pretty early to work on my real job. Hassle, isn’t it?

It was then that I noticed that I rarely have time for myself these days. People are even noticing. Me coming out of my room/office is like a vampire going out of its castle – only to feed.

So I had this very strange but legit idea. I thought, if I decided to dedicate even just 10 minutes of my time everyday writing then maybe it will get me somewhere. I also made the executive decision to post only (original posts) through my smartphone. I believe this will really put a whole new dynamic into my writing.

So what to expect from this blog. Random thoughts, reposts, rants, opinions, news, and basically everything else.

I am Chingle Guy and I will be your guide to the wonderful world that is the Internet.


One thought on “Being Chingle

  1. Dear Chingle Guy,
    Are you OK? You have promised to yourself that you will at least share 10 mins of your busy life to yourself and here. You also have signed up for NaBloPoMo November. And since Oct 22, there’s no breath of you.
    I kindly would like to support your decison, ceteris paribus from your personnal conditions in life,
    Thank you.

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