Why I love Iron Man (Nov. 4 NaBloPoMo)

Ever since I developed a discerning mind, I have always considered the Iron Man as my favorite character.

Let’s say it was initially about the iron suit. I mean, just imagine a fragile human being housed inside an almost indestructible (not to mention smart) suit making him able to fight regular baddies and the occasional demi-gods. Maybe there was a little bit of my love for the Gundam franchise that made the transition easier but Iron Man trumps any other character I have grown to love.

Now that I am a bit older, I sometimes ponder why I STILL like the character of Iron Man. I must have gotten over my infatuation with the suit. So what’s left? Well, I guess the main reason why I liked Iron Man was that he was a human being.

OK, so The Flash is still human, much like The Human Torch or The Elastic Man but all these super heroes are SUPERHUMAN. They are above humanity. They were human before they got their powers but they lost their human status when they got their powers. They transcended.

But not Mr Tony Stark. He is still a human being. In reality, he is a frail, flawed, sick, and still a regular human being inside the suit. Well, he’s rich and a lot of people think that is the best superpower there is but the good thing is that everybody can own thid super power. You dont need no gamma rays or a freak lab accident to get rich. You just need to work your ass off. In other words, you can be Iron Man if you work really hard.

Too dreamy? Well, I think so too. But the fact of the matter remains, Tony Stark remains to be the most “human” character for me and that is what I like.